WOD 09-24-2010

Front Squat 10-10-7-7-5-5

Run 2k

Please remember that we are closed tomorrow. We will be at the FGB V event at CFB.


  1. due to the fact that i can not sit or stand without assistance, i think it will be in my best intentions to forgo tonight’s wod. i will be happer at fgb tomorrow 🙂 have fun! (alison, don’t worry – i’ll still bring the cleaner to the gym!)

  2. Agree with Jackie. My heart says yes, but my lips say no, and my quads say ‘read my lips’.

  3. i think that i will substitute front squat for front curl 10 10 7 7 5 5 with a prescibed weight of 12 fl oz.

  4. wheww!! I’m glad im not the only one that cant sit down or stand up without assistance! I have to drive and get Austin..darn cant do the WOD ..ok im actually glad I have to miss!!

  5. seriously, i just groaned while trying to get back in my desk chair… this is not a good sign!
    but this is good stuff:

  6. sadly, my heart, legs and lips say HECK NO to tonight’s wod. You killed us this week Kyle! See you FGB peeps in the morning! have a good workout tonight but dont’ over do it so you represent CFR!!!

  7. yeah, if you are doing fgb tomorrow and decide to wod tonight, make sure to be mediocre at best 🙂

  8. ooo…good! i’m going to do a mental wod tonight! 🙂

  9. Well, I’ll be there. What are the weights or is this a weird 10, 7, 5 Rep max?

  10. Y’all have a blast and represent us well at FGB. Really wish I could be there, but I will be there in spirit (and in money too).

  11. I just raised my $150 dollars for fight gone bad. Our gym raised $840 so far. If we could raise $1001 by Sunday we could have a cool limited edition poster for the gym. Just a thought… Awesome job everyone!!!

  12. Just added mine and we are over the mark. Guys I won’t be there tomorrow. Went to the Y at lunch to try the rowing and the sdhp and they are killing my neck. Will live to fight another day but go kick some ass tomorrow.

  13. Call Dr. Flannagan, Phil! You will be so glad you did!

  14. thanks, phil! we missed you! it was a great time and i think cfr was WELL represented – both in participants and specators! i love this gym!

  15. It was awesome. I can’t wait until next year!