WOD 09-28-2010

6 rounds
20 squats
10 push Ups
Followed by
5 rounds
12 Box Jumps
No break between the two.

Intro class tonight at 6:45. Please try to arrive and finish your WOD before the start of the intro class.


  1. I’d say the “suck factor” for this WOD is about 75%.
    “Practiced” HSPU this a.m. Need to touch up the paint on my walls as a result…

  2. it wasn’t so bad… i was the straggler this a.m. — lots of push ups for me! i did do the first set of hspu to two abmats, then elevated for the rest.
    *snaps* for alison and eli for going rx’d this morning!

  3. What’s an average / good time for this WOD?

  4. Oh yeah – good job Jackie, Eli & Alison!
    Plus, FGB pics at CFB: http://crossfitbirmingham.ning.com/page/fight-gone-bad-5?xg_source=activity

  5. sam and john rocked it this morning, too! i was chasing everyone today!

  6. hey hey..there were other people there for moring crew :)..but **snaps** for barber,alison..sorry not sure what eli’s last name is but good job moring crew!

  7. Black, Robyn says:

    Props Williams, Sam! I am sure you did great. Don’t worry Boohacker, Jackie…..I’m always chasing everyone!

  8. Kyle Deneke says:

    Big Thanks to Jackie, Sri, Brain and Shane for helping me move those mats last night.

  9. Wooooooo, just did 2 hspu’s in a row! It took me 7 tries to stay upside down, but that’s a PR, baby! I’m a driver, I’m a winner. Things are gonna change, I can feel it.

  10. way to go, sri!
    and black, robyn… it’s “boohaker”…get it right 😉

  11. @Sri: Good Beck quote!

  12. Nice job Sri!

  13. sorry Boo……

  14. What’s up with the last name, first name?? Did I miss something??
    Be nice to Kyle tonight guys. It’s been a rough day.

  15. we saw “legally blonde the musical” sunday… everyone was referred to as “last name – comma – first name” and that’s where *snaps* comes from (hopefully, you’ve seen the movie!) 🙂