WOD 09-28-2011

3 Rounds

Run 800M

15 Shoulder Press 95/65#

50 Double Unders (sub Tuck Jumps)

WOD or Treat 3 /Barbell for Boobs, October 29@ 5:00 pm.  Start your costume preparations now. 

Don't forget about the Sawyerville 5k this weekend.  A great race for a great cause.   Also a great Pie restaurant close to the race. 



  1. Duece- proud father of 3 :) says:

    I vote for moving Barbells for Boobies to Friday night. Trick or treating is a must and I think most people are taking the kids out that Saturday night.

  2. People really need to go back to trick or treat on Halloween. WOD or
    Treat is much better than trick or treat.

  3. seriously! halloween is OCTOBER 31ST, a monday night… not the saturday before… geez people… :\ well, kids will only get candy (and i hand out the good stuff!) from my house if they’re there on halloween. i don’t play that game! 😉

  4. Same here. I only make an exception if halloween is on a Sunday. A good solution is to bring the family to WOD or Treat and just have the kids walk around the party asking everyone for Candy or Money. If you are lucky, you will leave with a pile of cash. Everybody wins. Ray Jackson needs to be at this party. Especially if the costume idea I heard about comes through.

  5. nah… even sunday is a go! last year i had TONS of treaters (no tricks, thankfully!) and almost ran out of candy. it was awesome.

  6. I like Halloween on a Monday. It gives me the weekend to get the razors in the apples…

  7. Great point Jason. I find in a larger neighborhood like we live in, you really need the extra time to ” prepare”. .