WOD 09-29-2011


AMRAP 10 Min.

7 SDHP 95/65#

7 Wall Ball 20/14#

Skill:  Farmers Walk 53/35# (3 passes to B&A and Back)

We have had great response for WOD or Treat so far.  Please remember to take a minute to respond to the evite that was sent out.  You do not want to miss this party.  I have heard about some potential costumes.  It could get interesting. 



  1. Wallballs? Really? Wallballs?

  2. Nick Rayburn in ROO-INS.

  3. thanks for the video…felt like it was just for me!!!

  4. great morning wod, peeps! stephen… i swear you still had about 4 more rounds than you thought, but next time i’ll count better for you b/c once this boot comes off i’m going to keep up! 😉
    can’t wait to witness balls to the walls first win tonight! not to put any pressure on ya’ll, but i am bringing my camera… maybe even the telephoto lens 🙂