WOD 09-30-2013

20 Min AMRAP
5 Pull Up
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

Compare to: 01-02-2013

Skill: 30 Back Extensions

If you are interested in joining the Olympic Lifting class let us know. We will be opening up a few spots soon.

Reminder the CFR New Member orientation class will be held tomorrow at 6:00pm. If you joined within the last month, please make plans to attend. If you have a schedule conflict let me know.


  1. “We will be opening up a few spots soon.” – I’ll do better I promise!

  2. Ha! That’s not what we meant. Just a few more spots will open when we transition to working on the clean.

  3. Thats the saturday morning class isnt it?

  4. To my two favorite coaches…thanks for all your help.
    Really loved the energy of your gym which is really a healing center.Still
    working on seeing if my labcorp acct will work in Al. Would love to test your athletes blood before and after three months of crossfit and paleo program.
    Time for this country to learn about the real affordable care plan to get to the heart of dis-ease.