WOD 10-10-2011

AMRAP 15 Min. 

5 Squat Cleans 115/80#

10 Toes to Bar (Sub 1-1 K2E, 2-1 hanging leg raises, 3-1 sit ups)

Skill 100 Double Unders

WOD or Treat is coming on October, 29th.  Get ready for a great time. 

***The next Paleo Nutrition Challenge is coming.  Be on the look out for details in the next day or two.*** 


  1. So I signed up for the Susan G. Komen 5K for this Saturday with the C.R. team but now I have to go out of town and cannot participate. If you have now decided you want to participate but missed the 9/30 team registration deadline (you can’t sign up as a team member and won’t be counted in the team total after 9/30), and you’d like to buy my number/race packet for less than the original $30 fee, let me know! I got a large t-shirt I think.

  2. The date is wrong.

  3. One year ago today I completed my first WOD at CFR – Having a blast!

  4. Who’s in for the Vulcan Run? I’m signed up

  5. Me and Farris are in for the Vulcan as long as we can get a sitter for that morning, otherwise, she’ll be running alone.

  6. Has anyone found our team on tough mudder?

  7. congrats on one year, scott m.! you’re rocking it 🙂

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