WOD 10-10-2011

With a Partner
50 Squats
Run 200m
40 Push Ups
Run 200m
30 Pull Ups
Run 200m
50 Burpees *
This will be completed relay style. 1st person Squats while second person waits. The first person will run while the 2nd person Squats. If the runner returns while the 2nd is still squatting he must wait until they finish squatting before starting the push ups. The 50 Burpees at the end can be completed with both working on Burpees at the same time. Both must complete 50.

Also, Shoulder Press 8-8-8-8 @ 70% 1RM

WOD or TREAT 10-29-2011. This will double as our Barbells for Boobs event. Get you costume, covered dish and beverages ready.