WOD 10-12-2011

A Different Tabata

Wall Ball 20/14#

Kettle Bell 53/35#

Double Unders (Sub Tuck Jumps)

Pull Ups

Count Total Reps Completed

WOD or Treat 3 is Coming!! October 29th at 5:00.  First WOD heats will start at 5:30.  Bring yourself(in costume), food and Beverage of choice. families are welcome to attend.  Only crossfitters will be allowed to take part in the WOD. 

The Race for the Cure is this Saturday.  If you are coming to the gym for Open Gym Saturday, you will need to come down 6th ave South and then turn on 15th street and come all the way to 1st.  That will bring you to the side entrance to our parking lot. 



  1. lisa wilson says:

    Is this timed and we just do as many reps as possible?

  2. 8 rounds per exercise of 20 second intervals, with 10 seconds rest, as many reps possible per 20 seconds. Low score per exercise counts.

  3. lisa wilson says:

    Oh yeah, these blow.

  4. Jason had the interval correct. However, we are keeping a continuos count of all reps performed. Low score per movement will not be a factor in your score for this WOD.

  5. Awesome, then just blow it out, no gaming today.

  6. So now I have to remember to breathe AND count? Sheesh!