WOD 10-13-2009


21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

Post time to comments.


  1. What’s the Rx’d time?

  2. Hm. Brain’s question is puzzling.
    I want to know what the rxd girl weight is. I’ve seen a couple of conflicting things online. One is that it is 115# (yikes), another is that it is 95#, which doesn’t seem right. Another thing I saw is that if you do regular dips on the dip machine, then rxd is 3:1. Is this true? Again, yikes.

  3. Loving the ring dips. Not loving the cleans. I think the Puke Fairy will be visiting me after (or during?) this WOD.

  4. most info i can find is 70% of mens weight should be rx’d for girls and then rounded to the nearst “5lbs”. so 95lbs would be right.

  5. @Cori – I just meant what’s the time that a reasonably fit Crossfit(ter) should be able to complete this in? (As opposed to the 1/2 hour+ I may very well take.)
    @Sri- I’m thinking the exact opposite, my friend. (Love the cleans, not so much the ring dips.)

  6. Brain, for you today the rxd time is 18 minutes or less.

  7. Cori, the sub for ring dips is 3:1 regular dips.
    Once you can do regular dips it is good to start working the 3:1. This will allow you to gain the strength to complete ring dips.

  8. Holy Lord, Kyle! Bring a stretcher/call the coroner in advance.
    Perhaps if I didn’t weight 250 lbs. (isn’t that approx. 4 pood, were we Russian?) I’d have a slightly easier time with it…

  9. (whimper)

  10. who brought up the 3:1 crap? argh!

  11. oops. sorry.