WOD 10-13-2015

Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1

Run 800M x 3 rest 2 minutes between each run. 

**The 100 Day Burpee challenge kicks of Thursday. This is an old school challenge that we first did not long after CFR opened. Participants are guaranteed to see a big improvement in their work capacity and overall fitness. Day 1 you complete 1 Burpee day 2 you complete 2 Burpees. This continues for 100 consecutive days. If you miss a day you must make up all missed Burpees before moving on. The Burpees should be done at a high intensity level in one session each day. If you start the challenge you need to finish. No quitters. I will do my Burpees at the gym before or after classes when possible. I hope a lot of you join me.