WOD 10-16-2009

Five rounds for time of:
135 pound Hang squat clean, 15 reps
30 Push-ups

Post time to comments.


  1. ouch… glad to have a beer after.
    The Mrs. and I are probably going to Sloss Fright Furnace after. Not set in stone yet, but when I know we are going anyone is welcome to join.

  2. I just confirmed with wife, we are going to fright furnace tonight. We will be going after frothy Friday at CFR….

  3. ouch. me = scale

  4. are you freaking kidding me. Didn’t we just do these squats earlier this week. they are from the devil.
    good thing its frothy Friday!

  5. yay frothy friday. yay hang squat cleans. yay push ups. yay!!!

  6. Sitting in the Pittsburgh airport looking at this site with nostalgia.

  7. at home packing for an early morning business trip tomorrow looking at this site with nostalgia. i seriously heart crossfit. sigh.

  8. that totally and completely sucked monkey balls. the “frothy” part was good, though. and watching kyle suffer through Lynn.

  9. I’m not even sure what I was doing with that bar thing that had the weights on it but it made me very sore! I think I worry Kyle with techinical moves!