WOD 10-16-2014

Run 400M
21 KB Swings 53/35#
12 Pull Ups
Compare to: 08-11-2014

Mobility: 3 drills from the running chart.



  1. Pizza. You don’t really want me to cook something. 🙂

  2. Pizza. This sentence is because I couldn’t just post pizza.

  3. there are conflicting WOD’s…which is todays?

    • if you’re using your phone, refresh the screen, You should see the correct WOD. When in doubt, it will always be what is posted here on our website.

  4. Pizza. Is that useful enough?

  5. I got $5 on pizza.

  6. katherine says:

    ummmmm hell yeah $5. When I cook things, I go overboard, and I don’t need to spend $50 and 2 hours on things drunk people will consume.

  7. Is there an issue with the member’s login? It doesn’t seem to load. I can’t schedule a class.

    I’m planning on being at the 5:15pm today.

  8. Box Command is not pulling up the history for the 8/11/14 Helen.