WOD 10-20-2014

Today from 5 pm until 6:45 pm Stephen Wade, a local massage therapist will be at the gym to give free assessments on any injuries or pain you may have. I (as well as quite a few other CFR members) have seen him for multiple issues and he is super knowledgable and really good at what he does. Definitely stop by and see him if you are experiencing any pain or mobility issues.

Run 800m
100 Squats
50 Toes To Bar
25 Hand Stand Push Ups (strict)
Run 800m
Compare to- 07-29-2013

Skill: 75 Double Unders
Mobility: 3 drills from the overhead chart.



  1. FYI: No 5:30 pm class this Friday due to WOD or TREAT. If you are planning on attending WoT and will be partaking in food or beverages, please sign the sheet in the lobby. Thanks!