WOD 10-21-2010

For time:
150 Wall Ball shots 20/14#

Don’t forget, the last day for t-shirt orders is Friday.

Also, make sure you are planning to attend the CFR WOD or Treat party next Saturday. It is going to be an amazing event. The person wearing the best costume will win an amazing prize.


  1. Karen – you suck. My lungs are still burning.
    Great job Alison! And thanks for not making me wod by myself! The rest of the morning crew are SLACKERS and you will pay next week! 🙂

  2. Sorry. At least two of the morning crew will be in Denver next week so save that slacker aggression for the following week. We will need a swift kick after no CF for an entire week.

  3. I am a slacker! I saw it was karen this morning and she wasnt what I wanted to start my day to..sorry karen hope there isnt any hard feelings :)..Good just morning crew! I would love to make this up tonight …but my vball girls have two games tonight..duty calls! :)(Thank goodness it called)

  4. Karen is not my friend. I coughed for an hour and my legs still shake when I try to go down steps. BUT, I did shave 18 seconds off my last time. Small victories! August 26th, I think, is the last time we did this for those who want to check your last time.
    We’ll miss the ASRM crew for the next 10 days. You ladies have fun!

  5. Karen. We meet again.

  6. i love karen and if my flight hadn’t been at 6am, i would’ve been there! sorry ladies! kelley, you’re flight was today (friday)… no excuse there!