WOD 10-22-2010

For Time:


Deadlift 225#/155#

Hand Stand Push UP

Today is the deadline for t-shirt orders.

Don't forget that the WOD or Treat Party is next Saturday @ 6:00 pm.  Please make plans to attend.  This is an event that you do not want to miss. 


  1. Putnam, Shane, Sri – I know we only talked about it for a few minutes last night but I’m definitely up for getting the UFC ppv tomorrow night. Shoot me a text, 3108289, or email, massey.dave@gmail.com, if yall are in. We can watch it at my house if we need a place.
    Anyone else that is interested in watching the more the merrier. Should be a good one. Lesner vs Velasquez is the main event and the rest of the card looks solid.

  2. My legs are HURTIN from yesterday!

  3. Me too, Alima!!!!

  4. Me three, along with my neck – all that looking up and making sure the ball doesn’t come slamming down on my head…but instead, I got slammed in the face when my arms gave out! LOL~

  5. my legs are wiped, too…