WOD 10-26-2012

For Time:
Run 400M to start the WOD and between each Round of (total 3 400’s)
Push Press 115/80#
Knees To Elbows

WOD OR TREAT: Tonight at 5:30 PM. I have heard about some “interesting” costumes. We hope to see you there. The WOD will start around 6:00. With food and drink to follow.

Nutrition Challenge Day 4: Remember that the purpose of this challenge is to improve your health. Weight loss is an added benefit. If you are losing weight that you didn’t want to lose, let us know and we can make some alterations to your plan.


  1. Making sure I understand this before I log it into BTWB…total of 2 400s? After round of 21 and after round of 15?

  2. Sorry, I clarified it in the post. Starts with a 400 and you run between the rounds. Total of 3 400’s

  3. Somehow I knew 2 400s wasn’t sucky enough…

  4. I know you meant awesome.

  5. You’re right, my bad: I knew 2 400s weren’t awesomely sucky enough.

  6. Touché

  7. michael owen says:

    alima can you email me the recipe for the doughnuts?