WOD 11-01-2011

For Time:

Run 1 Mile

4 Rounds

15 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35#

10 Toes to Bar ( Subs15 K2E, 30 hanging leg raise, 40 sit ups)

5 HSPU (Subs 15 box push ups, 20 reg push ups)

Also, DL 6-6-6-6 @80%

Big thanks to all who came out and made WOD or Treat great.  We had a lot of fun and saw some great times on Grace.  Congratulations to Wade from CFB for putting up the fastest time. 

Also, congratulations to Chong Li, (Jason Wallace #1) for winning the Ignite fitness Barbells4Boobs event on Saturday morning.  Way to represent CFR.

CFR athletes have been coming on strong as of late.  Allison Cronin destroyed a far more experienced crossfitter from Memphis 2 weeks ago in a WOD challenge.  Chong Li took first at the Ignite fitness event. Brain finishedthe Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday.  The CFR kickball team is on a big winning streak.  Keep up the good work.  Continue to train hard and reap the rewards. 


  1. What was the average time for this wod this morning?

  2. it varried greatly depending on how much scaling you do and how fast of a runner you are. Anywhere from 16 to 25 minutes.

  3. Robert W. says:

    And how dead your arms are

  4. Sooooo I just saw the email about Dodgeball this Winter!!! Who is in?

  5. lisa wilson says:

    I would like to say I was dodgeball champion in 5th grade.

  6. Not my arms that are dead today…it’s the legs. That mile run sucked!

  7. I’m in, no softball, and I love throwing things at people.

  8. lisa wilson says:

    I missed this dodgeball email. Yoga Ron, can you send it my way?

  9. +1 throwing things. I’m in 4 dodge ball if (most) everyone else is doing it.

  10. Jason KILLED it Saturday- 2:21! ROCKIN’!