WOD 11-09-2010

Lets try this again.

Skill:Double Under

If you don't have them, work on it for 15 minutes

If you have them, complete 100

WOD:  Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1

Remember, you need to select a class time on the mind body site.

Grand Re-opening/Member appreciation party this Saturday from 10-12.  food, prizes and membership incentives.  Bring friends and family.


  1. i will be there tonight!

  2. Question for everyone: If we have any media people show up to the Grand Opening, are any of you willing to do a short interview with them about your experience with CrossFit?
    I don’t know that any will come, but I don’t want anyone to be put on the spot without warning.

  3. do we get a script? questions before hand? hmm… practice run friday night?

  4. Can I do the interview without my shirt on??

  5. Did anyone see the Living Social coupon for today? Its for “PYT”….Pole Yourself Thin.
    I think Murry might be interested……

  6. Kyle Deneke says:

    I think Murry is in charge of that.

  7. haha! When I saw the email I thought of forwarding it to Murry! 😉
    Jackie, no script. im sure kyle can pretend to be the media and interview you on Friday 🙂
    Jason, if you feel more comfortable being interviewed sans shirt than please feel free 😉

  8. anonymous stripper says:

    PYT – been there. done that. that is all.

  9. now that's classy says:

    What is the coupon for? Free child care? Tribal art lower back tattoo?

  10. Oops…meant to post that question under Scott M’s name…

  11. Kyle Deneke says:

    Jackie and Robyn, everyone knows about it. No shame in your game. Phil outed you way back with the gold leme(sp) comment.

  12. Guess J and I could just teach a class at CFR on Open house day.

  13. Why don’t we all show up in “Gold Lame” for the news interview?

  14. anonymous stripper says:

    my teachers worked at the furnace… they are really cool peeps! don’t hate!

  15. evidently, phil knew our past… did we ever figure out how he knew???

  16. ooo… serious question… should we wear our cfr shirts? i will plan to have mine clean!

  17. i will definitely be wearing mine. it would be good to have some people wearing them for sure. so wear em if you have em!

  18. interesting article… wouldn’t recommend this diet (and neither does the prof), but brings up interesting points:

  19. Too much to say so I’m just going to refrain.

  20. eureka!

  21. I dont see what the big deal is. I’ve been saying this same thing for years! The only thing missing from this mans diet that i can see is Beer. If he would just trade about two ho ho’s a day for some good beer, he would see that his “mental” health would increase by an unmeasurable amount. Just sayin.

  22. “ho ho’s.” Way to round out the pole dancing conversation, Chuck.