WOD 11-10-2014

Please take a moment to review the following house keeping issues. From time to time it is necessary to review a few CFR policies.
1. Gym closing times and open lifting periods:
The gym closes at 7:30 pm Monday -Thursday. If you are participating in open lifting, please be finished with your lifting and have your gear put away by 7:30. Please arrive by 6:45 pm to start your lifting to ensure a timely finish. Open gym ends at 10:45 on Saturday. The gym closes at 10:45. Please help us observe these hours of operation.

2. RX designation on WODs.
Lately some folks have decided to exceed the RX’d weights on the WOD. Please understand, while we appreciate your enthusiasm for fitness, we have carefully crafted our program to be the best, most comprehensive and effective CF program around. The WODs are designed for the fittest individuals with scalability for everyone that needs a reduced load. Exceeding the RX’d load can adversely effect your training in the coming days and weeks and at times lead to injury. Please trust that we have designed an adequate training regiment for you. We analyze results constantly and use that data to determine appropriate RX’d loads. If you have questions about our programming methods or would like to discuss your results we will be happy to meet with you on an individual basis. (Please note that this is not referring to weight vest usage)

Thanks for your cooperation and for making CFR the best gym in town.

Mini Murph
Run 800M
50 pull Ups
100 Push Ups
150 Squats
Run 800M
Split pull ups, push ups and squats any way you want.
30 Minute Cut Off
Compare to 07-25-2014