WOD 11-11-2011

In honor of Veterans Day we will have a special format.  You will choose your own hero WOD from the list attached below.  Follow the link, choose a WOD and come in and honor those who sacrifice for us. 


In other news: 

The KickBall team finished their season on Wednesday night.  In our frist year we made the playoffs and everyone had a great time.  Congratulations to all who played and thanks for representing CFR. 

Frothy Friday tonight. 


  1. I forgot to post last nights results. I will post them tonight. Rob killed it with 6+ rounds

  2. awesome idea to honor our veterans! do them justice today, peeps!

  3. Just scrolling through those WODs was so humbling.

  4. Very humbling

  5. Bordelon:
    Five rounds of:
    135 pound Power clean, 5 reps
    135 pound Front squat, 10 reps
    135 pound Jerk, 5 reps
    20 Pull-ups
    Rest 90 seconds between each round

  6. Randy:
    75# power snatch, 75 reps for time

  7. This is great – Bad CrossFit Gym Etiquette

  8. I’d like the gym to know that I kicked my chalk habit – I used to be that guy.
    I also see nothing wrong with the sweat beast…just sayin.

  9. Classic Video

  10. I don’t wanna call anyone out, but Kip you may be the chalk whore 🙂