WOD 11-15-11


(1 the 1st min, 2 the 2nd min, etc)

Deadlifts and Hang Power Cleans 135/95#


skill: 10 Muscle Ups (ring, bar or band bar)


  1. I liked the cool down! I think it may have saved me some soreness.

  2. So sad to be missing this one…

  3. Kyle – Filled out the survey at work (Southern Company)for crossfit. I recomended that you teach Jazzercise at our facility. Told them you were Level I Jazzercise certified.

  4. I mentioned he was also Zumba and pole dance certified as well…

  5. He’s got a good pole dance. How did you know Jason??

  6. ….can’t move my arms now

  7. I will admit that I have killer moves. No shame to my game.
    Glad the cool down helped. It is something we have been neglecting.