WOD 11-16-2010

Skill: practice OHS with PVC
If you have have OHS work on Snatch Balance with PVC

AMRAP 15 Min.
Bear Crawl 90 ft
7 Burpees
Bear Crawl 90 ft
7 Pull ups

If you are interested in the Meal Program let me know.  I will need to turn in a count for next week on Friday. 


  1. I initially read this as “Bear Claw” and got excited.

  2. Good job morning crew! I got some awesome pictures of your bear crawling 🙂

  3. a bear claw would’ve been a lot better time! haha!
    warning to those of you who did last night’s wod- your shoulders are gonna love ya today!

  4. Just looked these bear crawls up via You Tube (they weren’t on the CF Demo page)and they look like a fun time (and by fun, I mean not at all). Do we use kettle bells for these?
    Btw, thanks for posting results from yesterday’s WOD. Yay!

  5. it was fun-ny but not really fun… i would prefer the log roll over the bear crawl… it’s a lot faster!
    (and i agree with shera – thanks for posting yesterday’s results!!!)

  6. You guys and your results! He has spoiled you!
    No kettle bells. Did the youtube video use kettlebells? I would like to see that!

  7. Here is the link to the KB Bear Crawl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC3M9SdpdYU
    It is pretty funny because one guy totally wipes out. But then again, maybe I am just mean like that…

  8. Thats funny! No, ours were a little different than that. You are allowed to use your legs. I can’t imagine 90 feet of those kb ones. That would be rough on the shoulders!!!
    P.S. Just realized that Kyle took over my computer with his name. That post above was really from me. Everyone probably already knows that because Kyle never uses exclamation points.

  9. stupid firewall…I can’t watch the video. guess I’ll see it all when I get to the gym!

  10. We don’t use Kettlebells? And we do use our legs? So we’re basically just walking on all fours? Now I’m confused…guess I’ll see it when I get to the gym…

  11. last time i checked bears don’t use kettlebells when they walk, but they do use their legs.
    robyn if you would just get an iphone you could watch it during work 🙂

  12. But how does just walking like a bear…wait, maybe this is like The Karate Kid where we do seemingly random stuff and learn strength/met-con from it. (The original Karate Kid I mean, not that remake that’s actually the Kung Fu Kid.)

  13. Ask jackie, michael and john from this morning. I think they all felt it, especially in the shoulders. It didn’t look easy.

  14. yeah, it was tough! my shoulders were burning! so you’re on your hands and feet – no knees on the floor, butt sticks up in the air (i would tell alima to post an example, but that would not be very nice of her to do that to me)… constantly moving – haha! then you have to do your burpees or pull ups… i only got 3 rounds and the guys got 4 rounds… however, i think i perfected the bear crawl kick turn 🙂 i can’t imaging having to use a kb and no feet!

  15. This workout sounds painful and embarrassing. Perfect….

  16. we’re going on a bear hunt! (we’re going on a bear hunt!)
    we’re gonna catch a big one! (we’re gonna catch a big one!)
    i’m not afraid! (i’m not afraid!)
    are you? (are you?)
    not me! (not me!)
    🙂 hee hee