WOD 11-18-2010

For time:

100 Burpee Pull Ups

Saturday we will be open for WOD's from 8-9 AM.  Nutrition Seminar from 9-10 AM.  Strength class from 10-11 AM.   Please make plans to attend the nutrition seminar. 

We will be closed next week on Thursday for Thanksgiving.  I will keep you posted about Friday. 


  1. my shoulders are screaming at me after this week… anybody else? also, while i didn’t tear today (yippee!), i now have 1.5 blood blisters on my hands. that being said, it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be…granted, it wasn’t easy but i just knew i’d be called for time!

  2. Thanks for arse kicking last night.
    Hate I’m going to miss this one, I may try to make it up this weekend.

  3. Definitely rough on the hands. Mine are still burning. I guess Kyle’s “light on the pull ups” days are over.

  4. Nice!!! I was just sitting here thinking to my self, ” what could be worse than 100 burpees?”. Now i know. At least it’s not 100 burpee box jump pull ups…. on your hands, with a weighted vest…. then row a 5k.

  5. also, i would like to call out a certain someone (remaining nameless, but his name goes with the counterpart of the cartoon character “pinky”) who decided that morning class was just “not for him” today… all us morning peeps knew you were missing… just sayin’… 🙂

  6. I am not as nice as jackie so I will just call you out.

  7. Huh? Yawn … there was morning class today?
    Next time, for sure!

  8. we will not hold our breath… the capillaries around our eyes may burst.

  9. just glad to know that this is not all one continuous movement 🙂 saw disaster on the horizon-

  10. Ya’ll all know Brain doesn’t even come on Saturday and that’s not at 5:30 am. did you REALLY think he would be there? I thought it was funny when he assured Kyle he was coming. Brain…just admit you hate mornings and sleep in! I do!

  11. @Robyn – Sleep in & admit defeat? Never (again)!
    @Jackie – good one.

  12. Yes Brain there was a morning class. You know, that one you signed up for online.
    Robyn he actually did attend a 5:30 am class last week (or maybe the week before. I cant remember.)
    Susanna, the idea is for it to be one continuous movement. (As much as possible anyway)

  13. i think susanna was referring to those who are doing banded pull-ups… she can do 10 sets of 10 burpees & 10 pull-ups and not have to get in and out of the band 100 times.

  14. <3 my interpreter jb :) yes, that is what I was trying to convey

  15. Yes thats true. But the goal is for it to be 1 continuous movements. Otherwise the WOD would be 100 burpees and 100 pull ups. I realize people will have to scale, but I don’t want people to be confused about the prescribed movement.

  16. so basically do a jumping pull up at the end of each burpee because you jump at the end of a burpee anyway?

  17. yep… except for those of us who are between bars… one’s a bit high, one’s a bit low… until we look at it closer and discover the one that was too high would’ve worked – gotta love trying to think in the morning!

  18. Or you could have just listened to your trainer. I think I tried to tell you that before you started. 😉

  19. i thought we decided it after i was done… :\ however, my shoulders are thanking me for just stretching to grab the bar and not jerking them by jumping and grabbing.

  20. Kyle Deneke says:

    Burpee Pull Up= A full rnage of motion burpee. You must Jump up and grab the pull up bar. At that time you will complete one full range of motion pull up, deadhang or kipping. No jumping pull up. You must jump up to the pull up bar. A jumping pull up is a scale. The idea is to position yourself so that when you jump at the end of the burpee you are directly beneath your pull up bar. As you jump, extend your arms and make contact with the bar. Complete the full ROM pull up and drop off the bar. This needs to be a fluid motion that looks like a burpee with a pull up at the end of the jump.

  21. oops. :\