WOD 11-21-2013

Wall Ball 20/14#
Kettle Bell Swings 53/35#
Double Unders

Skill: 10 Bar Muscle Ups
30 Hollow Rocks

Congratulations to Josh Leek and Lauren Poist for winning the 2K row challenge yesterday. Great work from everyone.



  1. Robertson Pearce says:

    I’m confused…is it just go until you collapse? Or is it a secret wod and we can’t know the reps without coming to the gym?

  2. Stare at the med ball, kettlebell, and jumprope and let the spirit move you.

  3. Oops, I forgot to post the rep scheme.

  4. Jonathan Miller says:

    Kyle and Alima – thanks for the row challenge yesterday!

  5. I think I liked it better without the rep scheme.

  6. Robertson Pearce says:

    Oooo me likey. Though “letting the spirit move me” did sound interesting. And confusing.

  7. I wanted to go at 6:30 but I couldn’t deal with the uncertainty.