WOD 11-28-2012

AMRAP 15 Min.
10 Hang Power Cleans 95/65#
10 Thrusters 95/65#
Run 400 Meters

Skill: battle ropes 4- 20 second rounds.

The First Annual CFR Ice Fishing Tournament will be in Mid January. This will be a charity event. The Fish game on the C2 rower will be used for the competition. If you are not familiar with the fish game you should check it out. It is very simple and a lot of fun. It has nothing to do with who can row the fastest. The competition will be a bracket style tournament with head to head match ups. We will post the final details soon. Please make plans to attend. We have an awesome prize for the winner.


  1. That sounds fun – the charity competition, not the WOD. 😉

  2. Nothing to do with who can row the fastest? There goes my advantage.

  3. The tournament is going to be a good time.
    Brain, you still have a good shot.

  4. Was oddly crestfallen when I read the rest of the sentence and discovered we were not going fishing.

  5. The logistics of an actual fishing tournament proved to be impossible to overcome.

  6. Did she say crestfallen? This is a gym, not a book club…