WOD 11-20-2009


21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

Post time to comments.

Compare to 10-13-2009

Don't forget, Paleo Challenge picutres tonight and tomorrow. 

Frothy/Finer things friday 


  1. bring on the froth and the fine! i am way more excited for after elizabeth than during.

  2. Kyle Deneke says:

    We may need to analyze priorities tonight.

  3. I’m on the shelf for the next couple days 🙁 My shoulders are throbbing – I couldn’t sleep last night! My orthopedic surgeon friend told me to rest for a WEEK. As if!

  4. Sri…won’t you join us for Frothy/Finer Friday?

  5. well you best be bringing your froth to enjoy on the sidelines my friend.
    analyze schmanalyze… ain’t no one at crossfit rebellion looking more forward to elizabeth than chillin’ with peeps and havin a beverage aftewards.

  6. I’m ready to wod again! BRING IT!

  7. Kyle; I couldn’t agree more – reanalyze priorities it is. (The priorities in question being brute strength & 1 rep max…)

  8. Kyle Deneke says:

    If you actually wake up and come in tomorrow you will get your chance. 1rep max Deadlift tomorrow. (if that is what Carter wants to train. You are at his mercy)

  9. oooo, I love 1 rep max deadlifts! yeah!
    tonight….I might puke. ate non paleo for lunch at our Thanksgiving lunch and I am not feeling well. I think they tried to poison me with processed foods, tubars and sugar.