WOD 12-09-2010


Power Snatch 95/65#

Wall Ball 20/14#

Knees To Elbows

**Bring in food journals. 

Paleo tip:  Start your day with lean protein.  If you are feeling like you are going to crash do not eat fruit.  Lean protein is the solution. 


  1. This looks like a good one….I hate I’m going to miss it. I’ll try to make it up on Saturday.

  2. Thankful for two things:
    1) That I rejoined the am crew. Whew – done with this for the day.
    2) That the workout stopped at 9, otherwise I think I would have a DNF. Nice programming CFR – This kicked my butt.
    Nice job to all this morning, 100% Rx’d, especially Jackie – she “lapped” us! Snatch skill in full effect.

  3. jackie & Alison – here is the Beet & sweet potato chip recipe that I made.

  4. Alima, are sweet potatoes paleo? For some reason I thought they were controversial…

  5. Kyle Deneke says:

    They are controversial. If you are strict they should be avoided. IF you are going to eat them, it should be post WOD for recovery.

  6. Ah, thanks Kyle for answering the tuber question (I asked the same Q over on the food blog). Well, at least I can have a bit o’ sweet potato after a WOD. Yay! 🙂

  7. Sorry I should have mentioned that when I posted the recipe. With paleo, sweet potatoes are eaten mainly as a recovery food, so post-wod. But beets are paleo.
    So Kyle ate all the beet chips and Aubrey was more than happy to endulge in the sweet potatoes 😉
    Sweet potatoes have a lot of good nutrients, in my opinion, but they are high on the glycemic index so you should avoid if you are trying to lose weight.

  8. Hi! Anybody have a good Paleo friendly, EASY appetizer idea?? Just found out that we have a party to go to this evening and are supposed to bring an appetizer……….. I am at a loss. THANKS

  9. Well, I know what I’ll be making this weekend – although I am not a fan of beets, it may be good this way. 🙂

  10. guacamole….although you might not be able to find any ripe avocados in the store. I usually have to let them sit for a few days before they are ripe. you can use veggies for dipping instead of chips.
    i posted our guac recipe on the food blog a few days ago.
    babaganoush is really good too. Not sure if you would have time to make that.
    I will try to think of some easier, quick recipes and get back to you.

  11. Su Jin – I LOVE beets. I know I am in the minority on that, but I’m not sure why. They are so good. I don’t understand how people don’t like them. I honestly think people dont know how to cook them.
    Try peeling them, cubing them and then drizzling them with EVOO and salt & pepper and roasting them in the oven on 500 for 20 or 30 minutes. If you don’t like them that way then there might be something wrong with you 🙂

  12. anyone interested in watching the ufc ppv this weekend? let me know. 3108289 or massey.dave@gmail.com

  13. Is store bought Guac okay??

  14. probably not. but you could read the ingredients to find out.
    I would imagine they use sugar or some sort of perservative that is not paleo. Always worth checking though.
    If nothing else I guess you could do some sort of veggies or fruit tray??

  15. What about doing some sort of stuffed mushrooms?
    If I were doing them I would use the baby portabellos and saute up some garlic, finely diced onion, mushroom and maybe even a little bacon or sausage (if you can find sausage that doesnt have sugar). Then stuff the sauteed mixture into the mushrooms, drizzle with EVOO and bake them for 30 minutes or so.
    This is just off the top of my head so I can’t promise that it would be tasty, but I think it would.

  16. I just had beets in that salad today (it was the dinner from Food Studio B) and it was pretty icky (and I usually eat pretty much anything). Maybe it was the way it was prepared, but it tasted like…dirt. Okay, “earthy” may be a better way to describe it, but it sure reminded me of how dirt smells. And it was like, sweet dirt, which was so weird! I may have to try the whole roasting thing, maybe it’ll make it better. And I think having some salt on it would balance out the sweetness nicely.
    Casey – Wholly Guacamole is pretty good, I don’t think they use any sugar in theirs and it’s actual avocados, not avocado-like stuff some of those dips have. And if you can’t get a soft Hass avocado, the really big ones that are usually next to them (can’t remember what kind they are, but they’re much bigger and lighter green and are available at Publix) are usually good and mushy enough. Oh, and how about shrimp? Tasty, easy to steam, and you don’t HAVE to dip them in cocktail sauce, you can use lemon juice and a sprinkle of sea salt. 🙂 Also, wasn’t there like a Paleo meatball thing somewhere, too? (I vaguely remember this from something I read…)

  17. yes that’s whats most people say about beets…..they taste like dirt.
    I’m just wierd because I have always liked them.
    I will agree that they smell like dirt, but once you peel them they don’t smell that anymore and to me they don’t taste that way. Buy a few and try roasting them and let me know what you think.

  18. Peppers stuffed with some sort of meat? Kebabs/skewers of some sort? Make a big omelet and use the egg like 2 pieces of bread for a ‘finger sandwich’? Zucchini latkes? Spiced nuts? Just brainstorming, some of these probably take too much work to make quickly.

  19. Thanks for all of the suggestions guys…….. unfortunately WAY above and beyond my capabilities in the kitchen and with the last minute notice not enough time. 😉 I just ran by LaPaz and got some of their guac (figured it was closer to homemade than anything at the store and picked up some carrots. I won’t eat it anyway but needed to bring something and wanted it to at least close to Paleo. Alima – I am not a fan of mushrooms but your recipe sounds delicious!! I may have to try it out one day when mixed company is not involved in case I completely screw it up. Thanks again for all the suggestions!