WOD 12-12-2013

It is a surprise.
AMRAP 20 min. Burpees
Hint: It is a 20min. AMRAP
Best RX score will win a prize.

Skill: 10 Pistols per leg

CFR Feats Of Strength Challenge is coming. Monday the 30th @ 6:00 pm. The sign up sheet will be outside the office this afternoon. Sign up and check the box for attend or participate. The events will be revealed at a later time. The event is BYOB. Bring $5 for pizza.


  1. Any other hints?

  2. Hint: It will be the most fun 20 minutes of your life.

  3. Did the gym get a water slide? (obviously you’re impying some sort of jerk or snatch, but I’m going to take the high road here)

  4. well played

  5. So what was it? Glad it was my rest day.

  6. 20 min AMRAP of burpees :))