WOD 12-17-2012

AMRAP 12 Min.
7 Med Ball Cleans 20/14#
7 SDHP 95/65#

Skill: play fish game on the rower.

Be sure to note the schedule modifications for the holidays at the end of this week, as well as the beginning of next week.


  1. Hmmmm I feel very prepared for this wod….ohh wait just did 160 med ball cleans on saturday!…….this should be painful…

  2. I thought of giving you a heads up about this WOD on Saturday. Then I decided it would be more interesting to see your response. I think you have an advantage due to all the practice in Saturday.

  3. No worries Jason, this seems to be a common theme with Kyle recently. Colin and I ran into the same “thought about giving you a heads up” last Saturday…