WOD 12-19-2011

Nicole- AMRAP 20 Min.
Run 400M
Max Rep Pull Ups
Post number of pull ups for each round

Skill: pistol (20 per leg)

Don’t forget that the new class times start today. 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30.

CFRFOSC 12-30-2011. We will get together Friday the 30th to compete in a few interesting challenges. We will also eat and drink. Be sure to plan on coming by for the CFRFOSC. Who will be crowned the 2011 CFRFOSC champion?


  1. If a WOD has your name, do you reserve the right to change it? Haha!

  2. New class times today, right? See ya at 5:30…right?

  3. Is anyone else having trouble signing up for classes thru MindBody?

  4. I had to register as unpaid. I got some other message when I tried to sign up as single reservation.

  5. Scott,
    I will look into it.