WOD 12-28-2012

Fight Gone Bad:
Wall Ball 20/14#
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55#
Box Jump 20″
Push Press 75/55#
Row for Calories

You will complete as many reps as possible in one minute of each movement. So, 1 minute of wall ball immediately followed by one minute of SDHP etc. After you complete your last movement you will rest one minute. After the rest you repeat the cycle 2 more times. It is 5 minutes of work and 1 minute of rest for 3 rounds. Your score is total reps completed.

Check out this link for info on a free trail run coming up soon:

I will be donating everything from the shelves in the lobby to the goodwill next Friday. If any of your belongings are there please collect them before next Friday. People have left a lot of stuff over the last 11 months.


  1. Ahh hate to miss this! Going out of town today. See everyone next week! Good luck with FGB!

  2. I thought every wod is called a Fight Gone Bad… 🙂

  3. If any one is interested in participating in a GORUCK challange. It is buy-one and a buddy comes free if you purchase through Monday. I think Jason and I are going to Ft. Lauderdale on June 14th if anyone wants to join. Will be a grueling friday night but you can recover on the beach for the remainder of the weekend.

    Just google GORUCK CHALLANGE.


    • Yea man, lets get on this!! It’ll be a great way to celebrate my birthday (June 18th)….looking forward to it buddy! And if anyone else wants to join in Ft Laudy is a nice place to be for a wknd!!