WOD 12-30-2009

7 rounds for time of:
5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts: 155/95
15 20″ Box Jump


  1. don’t mean to doubt you there, coach, but are you sure that female weight is 95? i 70% of 155 to be 108..5, rounded up to 110. i mean, i’m cool with 95# and all…

  2. goodness, my post got messed up! i thought i typed “70% of 155 is 108.5, rounded up to 110” sorry bout that.

  3. oh good… a leg workout after doing 300 squats and running two miles yesterday. perfect.

  4. okay, i have a question… how long will this workout take me? i’m trying to decide if i can fit it in or not. will i be finished by 6p? otherwise, i will need to pass and just rest up for the cfrfosc tomorrow!

  5. Jackie, we can have you out by 6:00 no problem. I will get in close to 5. You can start early and get it done.

  6. fabulous! thanks!

  7. Blerg, my legs feel like spaghetti. Get the cameras ready, I may do an epic faceplant on my first box jump attempt.

  8. putman… vest for this one too?