WOD 12-6-11

As Many Reps As Possible of Each in 2 Minutes followed by 1 Minute of Each:

KB Swings 53/35#

Double Push Up Burpees

Pull Ups

Sit Ups



Friday is the last day to order & pay for your hoodies and beanies.

Saturday is our CrossFit Total Event. We'll get started at 9:30 am. Don't miss it!

Mark your calendars for Dec 30th for our annual Feats of Strength Challenge!


  1. Before I enter this on BTWB, just to be sure – we do an 8-minute cycle going through all 4 elements, and then a 4-minute cycle going through them again for 1 minute apiece? Thanks!

  2. Oh wow…on the surface it doesn’t look that bad, but 12 min of work! Can’t wait for this!

  3. This WOD is a little bit nasty. A couple of people said they were feeling like pukie may be coimng to visit.
    Donna, you got it.

  4. In case anyone was wondering, I wouldn’t consider it a lot of fun, especially at 5:30 am.
    just don’t eat anything after noon for tonight’s class!

  5. haha! yeah… last night’s choice for dinner was not feeling so good this morning! BUT i’m already ready for a re-match… i know i can get at least two more reps! (looking back on it, it was a fun one!)

  6. So you’re saying the Mexican food I just had for lunch may have been a mistake….

  7. I don’t think we’ve seen pukie in a while…may be time for him.

  8. be scared Donna….be very very scared. Just teasin….it wasn’t that horrible. you can do anything for 12 minutes.

  9. minute 11 says:

    really, anything??? doubtful. trust me. i know.

  10. yeah, donna… i would’ve stayed away from the mexican! haha! so… did anyone meet pukie yesterday? close?