WOD 12-2-2009

4 rounds for time of

15 reps Hang Power Clean 75/115#

20 Wall Ball 20/14#

25 Box Jumps

Post time to comments


  1. what – no one-armed pullups?
    so guys weight is 75#, right? cool.

  2. I’ll be about 15 minutes late today. I can go in the 2nd wave or wait until the 6:30 class. Just wanted to give a heads up.

  3. Kyle Deneke says:

    Don’t worry Carter, we will get that Friday.

  4. Kyle Deneke says:

    No problem, you can go in the second wave

  5. and that’s 60# one armed pullups, right? bahahahahahahahhahah!!

  6. box jumps suck.

  7. that’s the spirit, robyn.

  8. … or trixie, or whatever it is you go by these days…

  9. Yes!! No chin-ups! I might be a little late as well, but I’ll be there by 6:30 for sure.

  10. it’s MOXIE. get it straight there mister.

  11. *insert obligatory unhappy comment about WOD here*

  12. Kyle Deneke says:

    Sri, I forgot how much you love HPC.

  13. Ah, power cleans – at last!

  14. yea Carter….it’s Moxie. I must learn to land softer with my box jumps…that’s all.
    Burpees, on the other hand, are from the enemy.

  15. Ugh. Stuck at work. If you see anything on the news tonight about a mercury poisoning outbreak, I am involved. This could take a while… I may make this WOD up tomorrow.

  16. Kyle Deneke says:

    Sri, Don’t lie. YOu just wanted to skip the HPC.