WOD 2-9-11

12 Minute AMRAP

7 SDHP 95/65#

7 Push Ups (games standard)

Skill: Pistol – 20 per leg


*Thanks for all the shirt suggestions so far. Keep em coming!

*We are altering our hours on Saturday as streets will be closed due to the Mercedes 5k. We'll be open 9:30 to 11.

*Don't forget to mark your calendar for our Member Appreciation / Meet & Greet on February 19th. We have lots of new members so come by and get to know your fellow CrossFitters.


  1. i still think Donna had the best saying last year. ” it makes since to me. I do Crossfit”
    or how about ” i pick things up and put them down……….alot”

  2. What is an AMPRAP? I could understand an AMFRAP, but not sure on the PRAP.

  3. The Brain ? says:

    Chuck that was my line

  4. As many puke-free rounds as possible?

  5. Sorry Brain. I called dibs.

  6. exactly donna! this just proves that women really are smarter.

  7. By the way, if you like lemon bars I just posted a paleo version of this treat on the food blog! 😉

  8. more shirt slogans as gathered from various cf resources (some are good quality, some are just too funny not to share!):
    evidence based training
    Be a better human being
    I have a competitive snatch
    Aesthetics is a product of Performance
    Popeye had spinach, I have CrossFit
    Being weak is a choice
    Have you hugged the floor today?
    victory comes at a price
    crossfit: good clean fun
    Bring Your Own Bucket
    No, you can’t work in. I’m doing this for time.
    If it was easy, everybody would do it.
    Just do it…again, faster.
    Cult of CrossFit
    i would like a ribbed tank top (like what you can buy at gap/old navy) that i could wear casually, if possible.

  9. Another one to add: “It doesn’t ever get any easier. And you wouldn’t want it to.”
    I’d prefer a non-ribbed tank top, but am open to any tanks.

  10. I like be a better human being. Some others I found:
    My workout can beat up your workout.
    If you can read this, I’ve passed out again. Wake me up for the next set.
    I’ll be doing some more crazy sh*t tomorrow…
    What you thought you knew was wrong.

  11. I drank the Kool-Aid.

  12. “My workout can beat up your workout” is probably my fave so far… but I’ll wear anything if the colors are pretty enough.

  13. What “pretty” colors do you prefer Sri? 😉
    If my lemon bars weren’t enough paleo goodness for you, I just found this and it looks yummy. I’m getting a papaya next time I go to the store!

  14. Favorite crossfit shirt I’ve seen online.
    “If crossfit were easy, it would be your mom.”
    I wouldn’t wear it though.

  15. Jackie – You crack me up with your special requests!! That sounds like something I’d try to pull :)So one that subject I would like a long sleeve tee-shirt that is meant to be worn by ladies, oh and a ladies hoodie would be super too!!
    I like one I saw in some article about Crossfit it was something like “It doesn’t get easier it just sucks less” I also like the one someone posted earlier “Your workout is our warm up”

  16. Casey – we have one ladies long sleeve t-shirt leftover from our last order. Its sitting on the shelf beneath the granola and bars if you want to take a look at it. I think it’s a medium.
    I don’t know if we will do any more longsleeve right now since (hopefully) it will be warming up in the next month or two. But we probably will again in the fall.
    Right now, we are looking at an American Apparel ribbed tank for women, American Apparel mens tshirt and then more of the wicking shirts that we ordered last time because it seemed like people like those for working out.
    None of this is set in stone, but thats what we are thinking right now.

  17. How did I miss that?!?! I will definitely check it out this evening, thanks! I heart long sleeved tee shirts

  18. I love the “It doesn’t get easier…” idea!

  19. Casey – I’ll tell you how you missed it…because Kyle put up a handwritten sign [ ] <----this big that said we had some long sleeve shirts for sale. 🙂 I told him no one would see that, but does he listen to me??? uhh noo. 🙂 I have a love for long sleeve shirts too!

  20. Haha, silly Kyle. How much is the long sleeved shirt? I will try to remember to bring some cash to the gym tomorrow :)Thanks!

  21. $25

  22. Does anyone know that one…. it goes something like…There’s not sculpted or toned. There’s only weak or strong.

  23. Oh, and here’s a variation of a great one Jackie found: Being weak is a choice. Choose strong.