WOD 5-17-2011

Death By Burpees

As Many Reps as Possible 20 min. 


Also: Shoulder Press 6-6-6-6 @ 80 1 RM

Don't forget about the CrossFit Total this Saturday.  The CFT starts at 9:00.  We will open at 9:00 rather than 8:30.   We will spend about 20-30 min. on each lift. 


  1. Sub for burpees?
    Just kidding.

  2. hey all you AM peeps! put your hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care… yeah, i can’t do that either :\

  3. *Who* thought this was a good idea? I *like* burpees, and I’m pretty mortified…

  4. Scott M. says:

    I thinking 300 – but that may be pushing it, we’ll find out.

  5. Nicole #1 says:

    Jackie, blow drying my hair after this morning was a challenge.

  6. As we speak I am icing my shoulder from doing 100 burpees then 100 double unders on Saturday. I will pass… You all have fun!
    Go Scott! I can’t wait to see the numbers you and Sri and Shane will put up!

  7. i’m with alison – can’t wait to see the numbers from those who fly thru burpees! although, we a.m. people did pretty well – esp. for 5:30am! glad it’s over and i’m not having to dread it all day 🙂

  8. oh, and nicole #1… thankfully, i don’t usually dry my hair so i don’t have to worry about that feeling so early 😉

  9. Nicole #1 says:

    Probably a good thing he didn’t post the wod last night or I might have wimped out and not shown up! Glad I did it, but my shoulders are starting to complain a bit now. Too bad there’s not a 5:30am session on Wednesday!

  10. Sri what about burpees do you like??? I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

  11. I liked that they didn’t involve kettebells or being upside-down. I liked that I could do them in a hotel room or at home. And I liked that I’d be finished with them in less than 20 minutes! But not any more! Grrr.

  12. How Suessical of you, Sri!

  13. I will not burpee in a box! I will not burpee with a fox! I do not burpee, Sam I Am! Or something like that.