WOD 5-31-2011

2 Rounds
Run 800 M
50 squats
40 Pull Ups

Also: Deadlift 10-10-10-10 @65% 1RM.

Day 22 Paleo Challenge- I hope everyone made it through the Holiday weekend.


  1. Please no tears! Please no tears! Please no tears!

  2. OK, Jackie, I’ll try not to cry, just for you.

  3. Can we break up the squats and pull ups?? So excited to be coming back!!

  4. Brittany B says:

    Isn’t today Day 23?

  5. hahah! thanks, donna! i didn’t think about it reading like that when i typed it 🙂 thankfully, no tears or tears – i scaled to a band to give extra insurance on the tearing thing… i’m tired of starting my week with rips all over my hands 😉

  6. Brittany B says:

    Oh wait, you posted that on day 22. I see.

  7. Kyle, do you still have Thursday results? Forgot to write mine down.

  8. No breaking up the squats and pull ups. Glad you are back Casey!!

  9. Ohhhh this is going to be an interesting return after three weeks off. Hope my squats and lunges in the park will help a little 🙂