WOD 9-23-2013

Split any way you want:
50 Deadhang Pull Ups
75 Hand Release Burpees
100 Wall Ball 20/14#
150 Double Unders (sub tuck jumps)
*32 Minute Cut Off**

Last call on the Epic Bars before I place this order. If anyone else is interested let me know as I’m placing the order today. If you need more details check out the comment section from the WOD post on Friday.


  1. We want an order of the Bison ones.

  2. I’ll order one pack of Bison and one pack of Beef. thanks!

  3. I’d like an order of the Bison ones. Thanks!

  4. I’d like 1 Bison. THANK YOU!

  5. I want to order one of the Beef. Thanks

  6. Am I too late? Can we have an order of the Bison? Thanks Alima!

  7. I used to be a fairly militant vegan, so this is kind of funny. One bison? i have to scrounge up exact change but will have someone put it on your desk by tomorrow night…

  8. I would like 1 box of the bison please!! I hope I’m not too late.

  9. Ok, slight subject change, but this cooler weather has got me craving some awesome coffee drinks! Any suggestions for paleo concoctions?? I’m starting to get an itch for a pumpkin spice latte…

    • Go check out Diane’s fb page (balanced bites). She just posted about this this morning. She also posted the ingredients of the pumpkin syrup they use at Starbucks! Stay away from that stuff!

      • The PSL she posted this am on Facebook looks yummm!! I am one week in of just drinking black coffee from Starbucks, so far so good 🙂

  10. I’ll take 1 box of the beef please

  11. When will there be Big Macs for order?

  12. What the heck are Epic Bars?!

  13. If its not too late I’d like a box of bison please.

  14. It’s probably too late but I would definitely like to try a box of the Bison if possible

  15. I already told on the other page , just want to make sure u don’t forget me

  16. 🙂