WOD or Treat 2010 Recap

Thanks to everyone who came tonight! If you didn't make it, you missed out! We had a fun time and there were some great costumes!

Here are some pictures from the evenings event. For those of you that took pictures with your camera, email me some of them and I will add them to the post. Thanks!

CFR Halloween 10 067 

WOD or Treat 2010

CFR Halloween 10 045 
Alison as a pregnant nascar fan. She had some sweet nascar tats.

CFR Halloween 10 046 
Austin & Sam as an old couple. Thanks for driving back all the way from Kentucky guys! We miss you!

CFR Halloween 10 052 

Kyle as Kristen Clever, CrossFit Games 2010 Women's Champion

CFR Halloween 10 056 

Shane & Crystal as Batman and Mrs. Batman (or is it batwoman?)

CFR Halloween 10 058 
Batman showing off his skills

CFR Halloween 10 059 
Hey Kristen – you might want to think about shavin those pits!

CFR Halloween 10 060 
Josh as a pirate (this was post wod so half his costume was missing) with his boys who were both spiderman

CFR Halloween 10 063 
Mom – I told you not to take my picture while I'm deadlifting. I can't concentrate!

CFR Halloween 10 069 
Sri was our Costume Contest Grand Prize Winner!

The runners up were Shane and Alison.

Thanks again everyone! We had a great time!

Kyle & Alima


  1. All you guys look great! First prize to Putman’s kid for owning the group photo with his hand gestures.

  2. haha. i thought that was funny too. In the second take of that picture (not posted) it looks like he’s flicking someone off, but it was the wrong finger.

  3. great costumes! I am so bummed I missed it. Everyone looks great!

  4. jackie (i'm back!!!) says:

    awesome!!!! jealous i missed it! love the prego-toothless-beer-drinking chick! haha!can’t wait to catch up with you all tomorrow!

  5. Love, love, love “Hulk” doing deadlifts!! So cute!!

  6. What fun! Hate to have missed it- Looking forward to getting back into workout mode…… have a feeling that it is going to be a tough first WOD :/ but looking very forward to seeing everyone! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

  7. happy halloween says: