WOD results

WOD results


  1. Nice job with the vest Austin. Wow Carter 19 rounds. Awesome.

  2. Thanks, Phil. Now I know what it feels like to be a couch potato. I have friends who carry more than 50lbs extra bodyweight… I can’t imagine.

  3. i feel all 190 of those box jumps from my calf muscles on down to the achilles. wow. most of the push ups are still with me, too. but i only did 186 of those.
    enjoy today’s WOD, folks. and a green beer, if you ain’t paleo. we’re meeting with the taxman. see you tomorrow.
    great work, austin.

  4. correction… all 210 box jumps and 206 push ups (came up 4 reps short of completing round 20). math has never been my forte.

  5. The Brain says:

    Carter – you’re part kangaroo.