WOD results

WOD results


  1. Chuck Vann says:

    Hey everybody. Alison and I want to invite everyone to the 1st NAWCFRNPFPE! If you can figure out what that stands for I’ll be impressed. Anyway, Football! Ourhouse! Playoffs! Games start at 3 on Sunday, We live at 5700 5th Court South in Crestwood. My phone # is 821-8417 if you need directions. Wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, kids, and dogs are welcome. Byob!

  2. Not trying to discourage anyone from coming, but just wanted to forewarn that we are in mid renovation in our hallway. Chuck is painting the trim today. We plan to open some windows today to help air out the paint smell. If you are sensitive to paint fumes, we’ll take a rain check for the Super Bowl.

  3. RSVP for 4. me, jake, sadie, the wife. in that order. we’ll bring non-paleo beers. anything else we can bring?

  4. I think I know what NAWCFRNPFPE stands for, but I’ll save the suspense for others.
    I’m planning on swinging by, provided I get released from work.
    Also, kudos to Jackie for racing past me on the final mile of the 10k today to take the win among “team Crossfit Rebellion” runners.

  5. We will have some traditonal football snacks. I.E. cheese dip and sausage balls. If your looking for something healthy to eat you better bring it. If your thinking of staying for both games, you might want to bring something to throw on the grill for dinner. Pretty low key. Just football, fun, and friends.

  6. is there a prize if we guess right? (on the acronym)

  7. First one to guess gets a six pack of beer! First to post. Ready go!

  8. APB! The first game starts at 2 ! Damn you eastern time zone. Damn you!

  9. Thank you Chuck & Allison for the hospitality!