WOD results

WOD results


  1. great job, cori, kyle, robyn, jackie, and everyone else that beat my time. 🙂 that sucked.
    fyi, I’m going to need one of you to come by my house in the morning with a wheelchair or an appliance dolly and take me to work. I can sit or stand, but moving between the two is not going to be an option.

  2. um….can whoever’s picking up phil swing my my place and pick me up too?

  3. suck it up. i’m already at work :p

  4. seriously….I think my legs weigh 200 lbs right now. The soreness isnt’ the issue…..YET. I am sure as this day goes by it will get worse.
    What about kyle killing us all!
    was it lame Kyle?

  5. Kyle Deneke says:

    As you can see from my time, I am a dominant force. However, I did find it very lame. It is starting to feel more lame at this time.

  6. i can’t believe i have to play volleyball tonight after that – dumb.of.me.

  7. Susanna says:

    Maybe we can get a group rate 🙂
    I only did 1/2 and am hurting- can only imagine how you guys are feeling.

  8. haha! we can chip in and only buy one scooter and share it…we can probably incorporate it into a wod somehow. how many cfr members can we get onto one scooter from the scooter store — for time?