WOD Results

Remember, no classes tomorrow.
We are also closed Thursday – Sunday.
Have a great Thanksgiving.

WOD Results


  1. It should be noted that my rom sucked on a lot of those. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

  2. that was a brutal one.
    thanks everyone for making it easy for the lowly sub to make through unscathed. no one died (as of 9:44 pm tues nite). fun times.
    have a great thanksgiving, peeps. we’ll see y’all next monday.

  3. Carter, thanks for keeping things going while I have been away. Great work to everyone. Monday I expect to see a bunch of paleo people.

  4. this girl is already ready to be back on paleo… couple of days off the wagon has taken its toll. happy turkey day everyone!
    great job tonight everybody. i am pooped from that one.

  5. thanks carter for your assistance these past few days! you did a fabulous job!
    happy thanksgiving to all the cfr peeps…i’m really gonna miss you guys! 🙁 looking forward to monday! if anyone has a paleo question after thursday, shoot me an email or text or call: coriwatts@gmail.com and 404-735-0822. i’m not an expert, but i will do what i can to help you out!

  6. Happy Turkey Day Ya’ll!
    Carter….Thanks for your motivation and for cracking the whip on us!!!
    I can see lots of room for improvement with my weight on back squats. You two chicks ROCKED IT!
    See everyone Monday!