WOD Results

WOD Results


  1. Dominated!
    I will have few chances to ever say that so I’m taking advantage. Thanks to Cori for being sick and not showing up to crush my time. 🙂

  2. Way to go, Phil, you killed this one! It’s perfectly OK to enjoy/gloat about your wins! I’m still running on fumes from when I beat Carter in that deadlift/pushup WOD 2 weeks ago.

  3. Carter will most likely beat my time tomorrow. I’m more than happy with being king for a day.

  4. Sri, send me your email address. I’ve got a female friend I’d like you to meet. Maybe we could all do some Rogue tavern action on Saturday night?

  5. cori "missing my cfr peeps something awful" watts says:

    what is this? a singles forum? btw, so doing this wod tonight! 🙂

  6. haha! nice middle name, cori! way to go phil – and ALL who completed that wod! it looked brutal!
    special thanks to sri for coming out this morning for MORE shoulder action! i think maybe we should put everyone on a rotating schedule for one morning a month so we morning peeps don’t get so lonely.

  7. I bet when it gets to be 95 degrees in the shade, I might reconsider the morning gig!
    Don’t knock the single forum Cori…some of us are still waiting.
    Phil…I totally get your high…My day to shine was a couple of weeks ago. I’m so thankful today is a rest day for me. you guys have fun tonight!

  8. Austin Williams says:

    Nice job Phil, you did CRUSH it. Kyle had to go and get 9 rounds on that Box Jump, Pullup, KB WOD too…

  9. OK, Robyn, come out to Rogue Saturday night, Phil and I are going to find you a man. Jackie, you can get in on this, too.

  10. Find me a man? hum. let me think on this for a minute. I purposly re phrased my comment from looking to waiting. so, with kindest regards to you and Phil….I might have to pass on that one!

  11. who said i was looking???

  12. Eep. Disregard all previous and future comments made by me on the topic of dating.

  13. (And unless I see a ring on a finger, I assume that *everyone’s* looking.)

  14. haha! no worries, sri!

  15. Austin Williams says:

    I found my wife in a bar! : )

  16. I always said I never wanted to meet my husband in a bar….guess I should retract that!
    Thanks for thinking of me Sri…..you can make suggestions anytime you want. Just not going on a manhunt!

  17. yes, thanks for thinking of us, sri!

  18. (We both worked there)

  19. oh Austin…..that’s not the same.

  20. so robyn is taking back her take back… 🙂