WOD results

WOD results


  1. *** Begin CFR singles thread ***
    Congrats, Jackie, you’re today’s Crossfit winner! P.S. when you see your friend at the run Saturday, hint to her that I like her but it would be to her advantage to be more flirty because sometimes I need to be hit over the head with this stuff.
    *** CFR singles thread over ***

  2. ***Begin CFR singles thread response***
    thank you, sri. it’s an honor.
    p.s. i will chat her up saturday and see how things are on her end if you would like. i know she’s kinda shy, but will investigate further. out.
    ***End CFR singles thread response***

  3. Damn playa! how many women are you juggling Sri?

  4. btw, my brothers said if crossfit can help me learn this, it’s worth it:
    so when is my first lesson?

  5. My thoughts exactly Phil. One magical run on a TV game show and he is the don jaun of birmingham.

  6. Three. Strength in numbers, Phil and Kyle. I’m going to foul things up with at least two of these gals, so it’s good to have a cushion. Now, if I could breakdance like the guy in the video, I wouldn’t have to worry…

  7. Don’t worry about break dancing. Focus on jerkin. The jerk is the break dance of the 21st century.

  8. Go Sri!I’ll bring the wine for finer things. sounds like we need to celebrate!

  9. it sounds like the way things are going for sri, he won’t be able to attend finer things this evening!? too many women to juggle…and for heaven’s sake it IS friday night!
    we should have a Q&A tonight for sri. the panel will be all female cf’ers, and the floor is open for questioning on the inner-workings of the female mind!

  10. Sri, if I were you I would think about going into the witness protection program. This thing could go south, fast.

  11. power of positivity, sri! you can be with whomever you choose…just don’t string ’em along TOO long! 🙂
    in the meantime, i think i’m going to start compiling questions for tonight! this will be FUN!

  12. jackie- sri is supposed to ask US questions!!!

  13. oops! i was ready to grill him about all the girls he’s dating! haha! my bad… it’s friday, my brain must think it has the day off!

  14. I read it the same way, Jackie. That was going to be more fun. I might have had to blow off a kid’s soccer game to come watch…

  15. You can grill me, I’m an open book.