WOD Results

WOD Results


  1. Kyle Deneke says:

    Nice work Sri. You put up a sick time today. I could not keep up.

  2. Props to Donna as well, did she go rx’d? Vicious, either way.

  3. Y’all both did great…and yes, proud to say RX’d! Thanks.

  4. Kyle, here is the link to Greg Everett’s blurb on calluses. http://www.cathletics.com/
    It looks like they sell the lotion he mentions is sold by most major retailers, at least online.

  5. I had forgotten about corn huskers lotion.
    You can find it at CVS I believe. It was a staple when I was climbing a bunch.

  6. Sri-that’s just SICK! Robyn was telling me about this last night at The Retro Run.