WOD Results

WOD Results


  1. i’m already taking on some pretty intense soreness from that one. tough first one back after a week…

  2. Kyle Deneke says:

    My traps are sore today.

  3. am i sore from last night or is it just soreness from everything run together? i’m always in a constant state of ouch in some spot or another until monday morning…then it all starts over again. glad today is a rest day! plus i have some nasty bruises on the tops of my legs from the bar banging on em. torn up hands. bruised legs. zits from sweating so much. i’m getting more and more attractive as my cf journey continues. am i turning into a dude and i just don’t know it?

  4. I still think your purdy Roxie!

  5. aw shucks moxie. :\