WOD results

The now suspect running loop is being adjusted to make it less scary. Come try it out tomorrow.

WOD results


  1. I didn’t make the board! :o)

  2. Don’t worry, we’ll all yell at Kyle for you.

  3. That’s really all I can ask.

  4. I am not a fan of the snatch OHS combo. the end of my thumb is still numb.

  5. I finally regained feeling in my hand around 9 p.m. last night, and my arm is just now starting to get back feeling in it. That can’t be normal!?

  6. My guess is that the awkward motions with this WOD cause nerves to be compressed or pinched temporarily. It should get back to normal very soon. And Cori, I’m *SOOO* jealous of your 65lb badass-ness.

  7. Awww…thanks Sri! I’m jealous of your time and rom!! 🙂

  8. i second that, Cori! great job!! my lameass had to go down to 45#.
    glad the doctor says the numbness is normal. last time we did the run/OHS WOD, my hand was numb for a day or two.

  9. today is the much-needed day off. glad to give the ol’ bones a rest. cft frothy friday – see y’all there for lifting and libations.

  10. I am so glad to hear others had issues with numbness. We should ban this workout!!
    Cori….you are one BA!!!
    see you guys tomorrow. I’ll bring some red vino and some cups to partake out of!