WOD Results


Jul 25 2008 - VID00127_1 

Two WODs were available today Lynne or the one we called Or. Both WODs were equally grueling in their own ways.  Good work from all who came in, especially Clay who completed his first WOD with us today.   

Don't forget that Next Saturday night at 6:00 pm we will gather at the gym for the grand opening.  The WOD for that night is going to be, bring at least one potential new member.  So, make sure that you come prepared.  It will be a good time as we celebrate our new CF community and watch Josh complete his Birthday Challenge.  I hope to see you all there. 


  1. Looks like my total should have been 121 – although I am completely worn out now and probably delirious! Looking forward to Monday…but more immediately the beer I’m about to enjoy.
    Thanks for another fantastic workout Kyle!

  2. Kyle Deneke says:

    I may have misread the numbers. An 8 might have looked like a 5. I will check it before I erase it monday. Regardless, another good WOD and great effort.

  3. Found my mistake. 118 it is.