WOD Results

WOD Results


  1. not that fun. but fun. in a weird way. my legs are gonna be jello tomorrow. or, in about 25 minutes. they’re already heavy.

  2. i need some of your box jump mojo….any advice?

  3. think of your legs as springs and don’t stop.
    hit the edge of the box on your way up and come off it without resting your weight there, reaching full (hip and knee lockout) extension in the air. when you hit the ground, think of your legs as coils… absorb impact and jump again, repeat. don’t ever “land” until you need a break. string together as many in a row as possible. keep cycling through as quickly as possible. it’s just a rhythm. and reducing the “landing” impact saves energy, time and exertion.
    if you need an interim method between how you approach ’em now and what i described above, try jumping “down” as opposed to “up”. so, you’re starting on top of the box and hopping down to the ground… but without stopping there. spring back up without stopping. so you’re “resting” position is actually on top of the box. that’ll build your springiness.
    this is my longest post ever.

  4. hmmm….will add this to my skills-to-work-on list. thanks for the post!

  5. saw this again today: Helen in sub 7 minutes…

  6. I would like to go sub 10. I have seen that video. The running is probably the most impressive part.

  7. hmmm…the link is broken. i can’t remember my helen time at the moment, but i’m fairly sure it wasn’t as rxd…so it wouldn’t matter anyway. if i can make it to the gym tonight, i might have to do this wod!!! short, sweet, and painful!

  8. I must be jumping with zero spring b/c my knees are aching today. I was jumping way to heavy.

  9. I was stringing together 4-5 in a row near the end when I thought I could beat Robyn… that delusion ended pretty quickly.

  10. Sri…..don’t try that again. got it?

  11. Meow. I may have beaten both you and Cori if you had to toss the ball as high as I did. I’m not a tall dude, I think this WOD was height-biased.

  12. excuse me, but i was aiming for the 10′ target….and even though i was a few inches short some of the time, i was still way over the 8′ target….what’s your excuse now, huh? it’s ONLY 10 feet!